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Greetings! Marando Farms brings you amazingly fresh produce, an extensive nursery, and an organic, locally grown and pesticide free farm! Conveniently located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and less than 20 minutes from anywhere in Broward County, we also serve many customers from Miami/Dade and the Palm Beaches.

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Marando Ranch will be opening October 15th!

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The Secret's Out - Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Scene!

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As seen on Deco Drive - Something's brewing in Fort Lauderdale, and it's not your usual beverage. A brand-new brewery is turning out a drink that's tasty and healthy. It's called kombucha, and the results are nothing short of "kombulicious." Available at Marando Farms!! Click the picture above to watch the video and come to Marando to pick up a growler!

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Should you be Gluten Free?

Please come join us at Marando Farms for an informative class about the gluten in your life and what it is doing to your health. The one question that everyone should be asking is SHOULD I BE GLUTEN FREE? Click here for more information!

Community Supported Agriculture is here again!
Our 20 week CSA program has begun. Families that would still like to sign up can be pro-rated for the weeks that they have missed.
*Due to the holidays, there will be no pickup for November 30th and December 28th.
Please inquire soon as spots are limited!


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Marando Farms: Where the Environment, Our Community and Our Children Matter

If you are a fan of organic vegetables then you know that nothing beats the flavour of a ripe, red tomato, a crisp, artistically asymmetrical lettuce leaf or a sweet bite of sweet corn from a recently harvested cob. But in these days of climate change and ensuing threats such as fuel and water scarcity, sustainable farming becomes much more than a way to enjoy better tasting produce – indeed, it is the only conscionable way of doing so. Ecological farming, which shuns the use of harmful pesticides, relies on sustainable practices and aims to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, does so much more than restore healthy eating practices; it does no less than restore the power to where it was always meant to be: within the hands of the community.

Marando Farms and Education: Children are our future, and it makes sense to invite them into the wonderful world of Nature from the word go. Marando Farms offers hands-on field trips for kids, teaching them (through observation and interaction) about important topics like Hydroponics, Animal Interaction, Local and Seasonal Eating, Composting, etc. in a fun way. Best of all, most kids would say, is that they get the chance to sample the fresh, yummy garden produce!). But learning from Nature is much more than a fun day in the outdoors; many of the world’s leading educators and theorists, such as renowned British educator, Charlotte Mason, point to the value of what she called ‘Nature Study’. Mason highlighted the importance of Nature in making science interesting, increasing a child’s capacity to understand the unknown by comparing it with things they have observed in Nature, cultivating a love for investigation, giving children a sense of ownership and stewardship of the earth, increasing their intellect and making them more interesting people. In Charlotte Mason’s own words, “Consider, too, what an unequalled mental training the child-naturalist is getting for any study or calling under the sun — the powers of attention, of discrimination, of patient pursuit, growing with his growth…” Mason may have written these observations in the 19th century but her teachings continue to be an important influence for current day educators, especially as climate change and the continuous destruction of the world’s resources are highlighting the importance of caring for what remains of our Planet.

Marando Farms and Health: The use of pesticides and other toxins in farming has been linked to a plethora of diseases including asthma, autism, learning disabilities, reproductive problems, birth defects, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many more debilitating conditions, yet sadly, most commercially available produce is riddled with chemicals, as are most commercially available skincare products and medications. Toxic overload affects more than our physical and mental health, however; it also hampers our skin, which, unable to rid itself of chemicals we consume or apply, falls prey to the destructive damage caused by free radicals. Some of the best free radical fighters in the world are fresh, organic vegetables, rich in flavonoids and other polyphenolic compounds, which stave off everything from cancer to heart disease. By relying on organic farming, we are taking our own health, and that of our families, into our hands and laying the groundwork for a healthier, longer, better life.

Marando Farms and the Community: If you are already an eco warrior, you must have heard of the movement that is taking local communities by storm: it’s called the Transition Town movement, which arose in the late 1980s to address the impending scarcity of fossil fuels. In Transition Towns, communities get together to find and implement ways of reducing their carbon footprint and to discover solutions to problems like the scarcity of land and the ‘Peak Oil’ problem. Some of the many useful incentives thought up by this movement (which is present in a host of countries, including the US, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Japan, etc.) include garden sharing, tree planting and educational conferences, where members share their expertise, hold lively discussions and propose new solutions.

Marando Farms very much reflects the essence of this movement, through initiatives such as the Community Garden (which comprises 16 raised bed garden plots on which families and businesses can grown their own fresh, organic produce (or donate the produce grown to community food banks or charities – we simply cannot think of a better way to teach children the value of giving back to the community!). Marando Farms also runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme, holds field trips tours (for adults as well as children), and works hard to give abandoned animals a home where they are cared for. Marando Farms also helps families reduce their cost of buying pesticide-free produce through their dedicated Food Co-op, which brings members local honey, fresh eggs, dairy and meat and much more. In this way, so many laudable aims are achieved at once: families enjoy delicious, nutritious and fairly priced food; local farmers are supported by the community; our carbon footprint is reduced; and last but not least, we learn how being part of a caring, self-sufficient community make us feel empowered in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles like fuel scarcity.


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